About our Magickal Herbs

Craft Magick herbs come from...

Herb farms that strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Certified 100% organic
  • Ethically wildharvested
  • Guaranteed fresh and not from "warehouse stock"
  • Grown, harvested, processed and handled by caring, ethical people with a love of herbs
  • Processed and handled according to strict ethics and organic standards
  • Analyzed for quality, safety and true botanical identity
  • True certified organic
  • Certified Kosher
  • Free from irradiation and ozone treatment, sulfur, gasses and other sanitary chemicals
  • Quality control tested, analyzed and supervised
  • Unsurpassable in color, depth, taste and aroma

Craft Magick herbs are...

  • Ritually cleansed and charged during proper moon phases in accordance with planetary, elemental and other correspondences and energies of each herb
  • Carefully labeled with planet, element, and magickal intention of each herb
  • Packaged with care in resealable ziplock bags for guaranteed freshness
  • Infused with love, light, positive energy, and the brightest of blessings
  • Powerful ingredients and magickal additions to any Wiccan, Pagan, Witchcraft and Herbology preparations, and Herbal Magick spells and rituals
  • Arrive to you ready for immediate use!

To order magickal herbs, or for questions or free magickal consultations, please visit us online at www.CraftMagick.com


We appreciate the opportunity to serve your magickal and metaphysical needs and are here to help.


Merry We Meet, Merry We Part, and Until Merry We Meet Again…

Blessed Be,
The Craft Magick family



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