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Astrology Reading


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Please read this page carefully before purchasing...

These readings are not intended for the 'mundane' level. If you are interested in psychic readings such as letting you know when or if you are getting a specific thing at a specific time, then you may want a reading from someone that does 'commercial' readings with little or no depth.

There is 'low magick' and 'high magick' and this reading is intended to help align you with your Higher Will or Great Work, assisting you in the accomplishment of your Worthy Goals. It is most effective to supplement Work you are already doing (or need to do) on some Spiritual Path.

These readings are designed, and speak to, a deeper, more subconscious level of your spirit and psyche, allowing us to collaborate with one another on the exploration of those things that may be blocking you from getting what you desire.

These readings are not intended to 'prove' to you what a powerful 'psychic' I am. My power is only as much as you allow or want it to be. I am only as effective as you are open to hearing the information that is delivered from a Universal Source.

Consider me a conduit. In essence, we already know all of the answers we need, but sometimes we are blocked from hearing those answers. Together, we can explore those realms to discover what it is we already know on a deeper level.

Ignorance is no longer bliss. Knowledge requires action. Do not seek answers unless you are prepared for the answers, and to act on those answers.

I would recommend at least 2-hours as follows:

  • 30-minutes for set-up and preparation on my part
  • Approx. 60-75 minutes on the phone
  • Then allow yourself some time to digest the information
  • Follow up with me by phone or email with questions or discussion

Inevitably much of the 'information' presented will not make sense in the beginning. You will wonder what happened and may not even agree with it, in some cases. As it starts to unravel, doorways in our minds are opened and we see things we did not see before. We have "ah ha" moments that are followed with more questions. That is why I like to leave some time later for such questions and answers.

I gave a reading to a serious Wiccan practioner once and told her she needed to do more work with the Element of Fire. She scoffed, stating that she was a Fire Sign and was very comfortable with Fire, believing her problems with Love had more to do with Water. Shortly thereafter, her altar caught fire while she was doing work with Water/Love. She returned to 'follow up' with me about what else she may not have been paying attention to during the reading...

Results may vary, but the essential characteristics of a real reading are that "if we were already conscious of it, then we wouldn't need a reading."

We need to enter any of our work, be it 'magickal,' 'spiritual,' or 'transformational' with a childlike sense of wonder and awe.

Please try, to the best of your ability to have an open-mind, a sense of wonder and adventure, and be flexible in what we discover together.

If you wish to proceed, please provide your birth information including date, time, and location. Also provide me with the best way to reach you and we will be in touch to set up time for your reading.

Tarot, Astrology, and other psychic readings require approximately 30-minutes of preparation that includes looking at your astrological chart before we begin to determine the best time for the reading. Your own astrological constellation helps to determine when we are going to get the best 'read', that is, when you will be the most open and attuned with your Higher Will.

Once I receive your information and have consulted your chart, I will contact you with the days/times that will be best for your reading.

Blessed Be, Love & Light to you on your journey....
The Mage

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