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Return To Sender Ritual Candle


29 reward points

This 8" hand-dipped ritual candle is charged, anointed, and inscribed with Theban script by a powerful witch to aid you in sending all unwanted energies or negative intentions back upon their sender. Before you light the candle for the first time, focus your will entirely upon it, visualizing an energy whirlpool growing within the candle and streaming outward, back to its source. Let your mind fill with an awareness of the candle flame as a beacon, shining out and cutting through the darkness that looms overhead. As the candle burns down to its base, keep your thoughts set upon the positive manifestations of attaining clarity and purity of self. You may choose to let the candle burn down completely at one time as it releases your ritually strengthened thoughts into the universe, or you can light and concentrate upon the candle 3 days in a row, making sure to snuff the candle at the end of each session, rather than blowing it out.

  • Model: CRRET

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