December Oak Moon

December Full Moon energy Esbat ritual, Oak moon, Cold Moon

December Full Moon

The Oak Moon, The Cold Moon

The energy of this Moon centers around the Oak tree and its many magickal significances. The Oak tree has long symbolized the male aspect of Divinity and the natural flow between the worlds of mundanity and spirituality. Its trunk and branches rise high into the sky while its roots dig so deeply into the Earth that they were once thought to infiltrate the Underworld. The mistletoe, growing green, lush, and bountifully on the oak's branches even in the dead of Winter, and the white berries that form at this time of year symbolize the semen of the Lord of the Forest, and remind us that life is always new, always fruitful, and always constant.

Since this Moon rises in close proximity to Yule, the battle of the Holly and Oak Kings (symbolizing the Waning and New Year respectively) comes to the forefront. It's the time when the Oak King claims rulership and brings the returning light and warmth of the newborn Sun with him.

The December Esbat is the time to re-evaluate our Spiritual Path and during this time of Winter dormancy, focus our attention on our goals. We reflect on the past year and evaluate our progress towards both our spiritual and mundane goals. It is not necessary to have achieved these goals, only to evaluate the progress we have made towards turning our goals into reality. If we are less than thrilled with our progress thus far, now is not the time to berate ourselves but rather it is the perfect time to evaluate (or set) our goals and determine the necessary steps to take in the upcoming year to maifest our desires.


Herbs: Holly, Ivy, Fir, Mistletoe
Oils: Patchouli, Rose Geranium, Frankincense, Myrrh, Lilac
Crystals and Stones: Clear Quartz Crystal, Serpentine, Peridot
Colors: Red, White, Green, Black, Silver, Gold
Flowers: Holly, Poinsetta, Mahonia, Christmas Cactus
Trees: Oak, Pine, Fir, Holly
Animals: Deer, Mouse, Horse and Bear
Birds: Robin, Rook, Owl
Nature Spirits: Snow fairies, winter tree faeries, storm fairies
Deities: Hathor, Hecate, Neith, Athene, Minerva, Osiris, Ixchel, Norns, Fates
Intentions: rebirth of self/spirit/goals, endurance, re-establish/reaffirm connections with family and friends,

Candles: white and yellow or gold (to represent the Sun); red and green (to represent the holly and mistletoe); black (to represent re-birth); silver (to represent the Oak Moon)
Decorations: Sun symbols, holly sprigs, mistletoe, poinsettas, acorns, oak leaves
Incense: Full Moon Incense ; Frankincense and Myrrh ; Yule Incense

Attire: dress in flowing colors of white and yellow/gold (to represent the returning light and warmth of the newborn Sun)
Circle: mark the circle boundaries with gold or yellow candles or unsalted sunflower seeds. If you use seeds be sure to gather some up after ritual to save for Spring planting and leave the rest outside for the birds.
Libation: gingerbread cookies; apple wine (or warm spiced apple cider)
Activities: Spell, Meditation, or Journaling --- centered on the theme of this Esbat (re-birth, spirtual attunement, evaluation, reacquaintance with family and friends)



This spell is best worked during a waning or full moon. It is an especially wonderful spell for the December Esbat - the Oak Moon.

What you will need:
1 white candle
13 Juniper Berries

Place the berries around the base of the candle and name the candle for any bad habits, issues or traits that you want to be freed from. Light the candle and say your spell. You may use the spell below or write one of your own.

I release you, unhealthy negativity
and banish you now from mind and heart

This New Year I manifest re-birth and freedom
and fresh ideas and a brand new start

By Earth and Wind and Fire and Sea
As I say so mote it be

Let the candle burn out and then toss the berries outside for the birds or squirrels. As you toss the berries, inhale the fresh air of your re-birth and feel the excitement and freedom of your new start.



Now is good time to mediate on the great tree, visualizing yourself as a tree with roots reaching far into the ground and arms stretching high into the heavens. Feel all sensation that a tree may feel and see what an ancient tree may bear witness to through the ages. Gather up the energy of earth, sun, wind and rain to nourish and give you strength to achieve your goals. Feel your own roots penetrating deep into the Earth and embrace the grounded and centered feelings of solid, firmly planted roots... then envision a fountain of white light shooting out of your crown chakra and brilliantly branching upwards into the Ether.


Now is an excellent time to commit your reflections of this past year to papaer. Journaling is a great Spiritual and Emotional barometer and provides insights, outlets, and inspiration. If you do not regularly journal, this is would be a wonderful opportunity to start (and very much in keeping with the theme of new beginnings!)

What you will need:
a blank, fresh journal (or notebook) that is dedicated solely to your inner thoughts and reflections (no pages may be used for grocery lists!)
a pen that you enjoy writing with that flows smoothly and evenly without effort

Sit in your circle or sacred space with your journal and pen in front of you. Say the following spell:

What words may come now be freely allowed
Inspiration and Enlightenment be abundantly endowed

Thoughts and Feelings and Hopes and Dreams
Entrusted secrets to fill these reams

By Earth and Wind and Fire and Sea
As I say so mote it be


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Have a joyous, safe, and blessed Oak Moon and until merry we meet again...

Blessed Be


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