Merry Meet and welcome to Craft Magick Wiccan Pagan and Magickal supply store
Witchcraft, Wicca, and Metaphysical tools, spell and ritual supplies and resources! Magickal shopping made easy... and FUN!


Looking for a witchy herb to use in a money spell? Call upon the Element of Earth and use witches herbs like Patchouli or Oatstraw.
Performing a love spell? Magickal Ingredients corresponding to the Element of Water such as Cherry or Hibiscus are perfect! Need to manifest healing? A pinch of Lavender flowers with a dash of Dandelion Root are the perfect way to incorporate the Element of Air into your magickal work. Doing a protection spell? Burn Blessed Thistle, Calendula, and Mandrake on charcoal during your ritual for a triple invocation of the Element of Fire

If you are looking for Witches herbs, Magickal herbal blends, or a spell mix or ritual powder that you don't find on the shopping website please let us know. With our worldwide network of wiccan, pagan and witchy vendors we can probably source it for you. We specialize in rare, exotic and hard-to-find witch herbs for love spells, healing rituals as well as money, protection, fertility and other magick and energy work.

And be sure to check out the Metaphysical properties of herbs and Magickal Correspondences for herb correspondences and other magickal energy associations.

What's brewing at Craft Magick this month?

As always, we are regularly doing work on the New Moon and Full Moons. We are currently working on updating our Facebook and Twitter.

We are also preparing custom spells for our customers. Starting at around $50, plus supplies, inquire as to how you can get custom spell work, magickal tarot readings, healing, Wicca 101, and other interesting and tailored work done to help you in your Craft.

We have recently been consulting on a hit television show about Wicca & Magick, providing supplies, and giving technical consultation! Stay tuned for more information on that about show times to see custom Craft Magick work on film.  

We will be updating our blogs soon to discuss our work with different angelic spirits, discovering various arch angels, and finding many different uses for the herbs, incense, and candles we have on our shelves.

Work begets work. Energy begets energy. Which way is your spiral flowing? Are you bringing in and manifesting all that you want to manifest? The more work we seem to do, the more work there is to be done. One of the blessings and curses of being the leader of our personal religion and spiritual path. But well worth the price. Magick works!

Do as thou Will. Harm ye none!

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