Magickal Housekeeping

Magickal Housekeeping Clearing magical energy residue

Magickal Housekeeping

When you do magick, you stir the stuff that makes magickal dust. Magickal dust differs from plain old 'household dust' in that the magickal dust bunnies will, over time, develop minds of their own. As you practice more and more magick, your home environment becomes more and more permeated with magickal dust, which directly affects your magickal energy. Ever find it a bit challenging when trying to ground, center, or focus? Ever feel scattered, anxious or overwhelmed? Symptoms of Magickal Dust can range from minor temperature variations (i.e., sudden cold breezes) to a night-hag phenomena (paralysis when just awakening.) In severe cases, some people have reported poltergeist-like activity. These phenomenon are simply the result of unintelligent energies finding an occupation in the absence of magickal direction.

Residual magickal energy, without a purpose, will make its own purpose. Since not all energy can be grounded out easily, some residue is unavoidable.Complete and total grounding of energy is a skill that takes many, many, many years (and lifetimes) to accomplish. Whenever we raise magickal energy, direct that energy, and then ground and release, there is (in 98% of the cases) a bit of magickal energy residue left lurking about. Having that residue behave in a way you don't like, however, is easily preventable.Aside from keeping your energy levels high to normal, you have the additional motivation of preventing any accidents of energetic work that might spook yourself or other household members.

The following Magickal Housekeeping rituals will establish and maintain your home as a sacred place. Since many Witches are their own priests and priestesses, their homes become their temples. Any temple requires routine cleansing and acknowledgement of its sacredness to be a fit temple.A practiced witch will perform a house blessing as soon as she moves into a new home. This rite is optimally performed before any furniture or belongings cross the threshold, but a cleansing and blessing will still work even with furniture underfoot. Many witches repeat this once a year after the initial blessing, although cleansing works better when repeated more frequently. Rural and suburban neighborhoods may have less human traffic than Urban and high-traffic neighborhoods, so the frequency of a routine cleansing process is subjective.

What we think about regularly influences our atmosphere. Total focus while cleansing is ideal; however, it takes years to develop that level of meditative skill. Even the best of us have our thoughts sometimes stray during a working, and where our thoughts go the magick will follow. Because of this, routine cleansing of the home, ranging from once or twice a month, to eight times a year ---such as a few days before each Sabbat, helps eliminate the ricochet effect of a spell having an unintended --- or undesired --- consequence.

We can also control what lives in our home with us --- particularly what may be of our own inadvertent creation. In our homes there will always be something living with us; we are never alone. Yes, paranoid as it sounds, we are surrounded all the time. And that's a good thing, it keeps us humble (or it SHOULD anyway.). It also asserts our connection, molecule by molecule, to the rest of the world on all levels. We can't help being surrounded. But we can help what surrounds us, and that's where magickal housekeeping comes in handy.

Magickal Housekeeping is done in three layers:




For any house, apartment, mobile home, hut, or other dwelling, apply the following Magickal Housekeeping principles:

Clear the clutter
Sweep away residual energy
Smudge to purify the cleansed area
Shield to protect your temple

The first layer of the Magickal Housekeeping process is Cleansing, which is a two-part process.

Part 1 of Cleansing is physically clearing out the clutter. Get clothes off the floor, papers and books off the tables, dirty dishes out of the sink, etc. See our JULY FULL MOON RITUAL for a great periodic 'clutter-clearing' ritual that actually helps permanently REMOVE the clutter rather than just stashing it in a closet or drawer!

Part 2 of Cleansing is a good sweeping. Sweep out stagnate or negative energies with your besom, or magickal broom. Starting at the most frequently used entrance, take your besom and begin to sweep --- brushing particularly at corners, ceilings, and behind walls. This is also a good time to disrupt any cobwebs that you find. Be very thorough on a first time sweeping: open the oven, microwave and dishwasher, sweep cupboards and closets, even brush over drains and electrical outlets (NEVER brush over an electrical outlet with a damp besom!) You may say a rhyme or chant as you sweep, to help direct your energy towards the cleansing process. Something simple that re-affirms your purpose such as: "Magickal dust now living with me; Leave here now; I banish thee."

Once the Cleansing process has been completed, the household should feel like it has more breathing room. The effect is temporary. A swept-through area left unattended fills again all too quickly. The Cleansing process has left a vacuum and nature abhors a vacuum. The vacuum (or void) the cleansing process created will quickly be filled, so you must fill this void with something you want or it will be filled by something you don't want. You will get everything you swept out back, and often they will bring their friends! Some people enjoy their homes being hot-spots of chaotic energy, but most do not! Chaotic energy has a draining effect on the human inhabitants of the home, and most find it preferable to fill up the space with pre-selected, healthy energies and inhabitants, that will leave the human tenants with their normal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual functions.

Hence, the second and third layers of the Magickal Housekeeping process: Purification and Protection.

Purification is most thoroughly and efficiently accomplished through Smudging. Smudge the living space (White Sage works very well for this!) Generally a good smudging in the corners and over the primary traffic areas establishes a strong, purified area. Visualize the sage spreading into every corner of the home, pushing through floors and ceilings, creating a glowing wall. TIP: Sage has qualities that may cause you to sweat profusely so you may want to pen some windows while smudging.

Protection is where shielding comes in. A home shield allows for some traffic through the home --- the shield simply filters out specific types of traffic that you declare undesirable. Small amounts of astral traffic through the home are good things: if you call for assistance from the elements, or from local spirits, they can go through the shield because you invited them in. One method of shielding is preparing a bowl of blessed water. Mix a pinch of sea salt with a cup of water, charging the water to be pure and to manifest the energies of water and earth. Carry the bowl through the house and using your fingertips, flick bits of water into corners, over doorways, and on windows. The blessed water cleanses any residual energy that sweeping or smudging might have missed, and the salt crystals in the water give the sage something to anchor itself to. This strengthens the shield over the home by adding some reinforcements in the form of the salt crystals. TIP: You can prepare larger amounts of your blessed water and store it in a plastic spray-bottle. This is very handy for a quick spritz in each room and area during your routine Magickal Housekeeping rituals.

It is best to complete your Magickal Housekeeping with a blessing from (and an offering to) your deity of choice that protects home and hearth. A few common ones are: Celtic Brigid, Egyptian Hathor, Hellenic Hestia, etc. Always do some research before asking the blessing of any deity because what a particular deity views as a blessing may not fit with your intentions. For example: If you ask for the blessing of Pan, he may well bless you with some very literal fertility!

An additional layer of protection is warding. Use caution when warding, though, because unlike shielding (which allows energies you deem positive to come in) warding slows down the process of invoking positive energy because nothing gets through until you take the ward down. While it is still possible to perform spells and rituals, the wards will have a deadening effect until they wear off. Any influence you invite through will feel muted through the filter of your wards. Warding is best used in situations where there is a real and serious physical threat to the safety of yourself or your home. Such instances include nearby thefts or robberies, a predatory criminal in your area, or a person deliberately directing threats to you. Warding also helps in rare instances of hauntings or poltergeist activity. Because warding is not generally needed except in extreme circumstances, we will not include warning instructions in this article. NOTE: Warding in no way replaces a 911 call to authorities should imminent danger be present or locking your doors at night or taking normal precaustions to keep yourself from harm!

After your initial Magickal Housekeeping ritual, maintenance Magickal Housekeeping rituals will be much easier and take much less time. And as with any ritual, the more you do it the easier and more enjoyable it becomes!

Enjoy your Magickal Housekeeping and Blessed Be!

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