Money spell

Money spells work best when performed on Thursdays BEFORE the Full Moon (for debt reduction, Thursday AFTER the Full Moon). You can check the Moon Magick section for current moon phases, or email us for upcoming suggested dates. And please refer to the Spell Tips article for additional information on spellwork and magick.

Before beginning your spell, meditate on your financial goals. Remember that doing magick for money is not wrong... "an ye harm none do as ye will". Mental negativity can be the cause of success or failure of any Money Spell. If you believe, or have been told, that you are unworthy, will never amount to anything, will always be poor, or working magick for money is silly or irreverent, than any Money Spell is futile. You must eliminate any negative money attitudes and learn to accept that abundance is possible for you! Before you begin any magickal money work, spend some quiet time focused on your magickal intent and visualizing yourself as prosperous, with an abundance of wealth to meet your needs. Try this for at least 7 days and then proceed with your Money Spell when you feel you are ready. When your mind is clear and open, you may begin.

Assemble your ritual tools and set up your altar or sacred space. Inscribe the word “MONEY” or a money symbol on a green candle or crystal, a dollar bill or blank check, or piece of parchment paper. It does not have to be visible to the naked eye as long as you ‘see’ it. While doing your inscription visualize yourself having plenty of money. Feel the energy of enjoying freedom from financial worry, and bask in the ability to buy everything you need; meditate and then speak aloud your magickal intent such as, “I want enough money to pay off my credit card bills….I want that home/business/student loan to be approved....” and so on. Meditate on your current financial situation and consider what you would like to see happen to remedy the situation. Speak aloud the essential and immediate financial goals you desire, and ask the Maiden Goddess to help you attain those goals in the very near future. Remember to FEEL the amazing energy that you are inviting into your life with this new financial achievement. Feel the joy, the happiness, the excitement… FEEL the prosperity, the wealth, and the abundance that will be yours.

When you are ready, visualize your intention and as you say your spell feel the words, breathe the words, and visualize your goal. Feel the energy coming from within and let that energy flow through you and out into the Universe.

Tools of power, Elements of might,
Create my prosperity here on this night.
Money, Money come to me.
In abundance, three times three..

Maiden Goddess hear my plea
And it harms none, so mote it be.
My words have strength; the victory is won.
So I say, this spell is done.


Acting in Accord
All magick must be followed by positive action. We cannot manifest something that we are not doing the footwork to achieve. For the next 21 days, keep your “radar” active and all your “antenna” out. Now is the time to seek a job if you don’t have one, or ask for a raise or a promotion, or apply for that loan. Perhaps you need to fine-tune your resume, enroll in a continuing education course, or fill out that loan application. Start networking and extend yourself to others. Put the word out that you are planning a career change, starting a business, or re-financing your house. Take any necessary actions to help manifest your financial wants or needs. Remember to continue to be generous with your time, and donate to charities if at all possible. Avoid reckless spending, credit card charging, and “Retail Therapy”. Be positive, and know that the money, wealth, or prosperity you seek will soon be yours!

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