Moon in Zodiac Signs

Moon in Zodiac sign meanings and magickal timing

Empower yourself, your daily activities, and all your magickal workings by paying attention to the Moon's position in the sky. The Moon continuously moves through each sign of the zodiac, from Aries to Pisces, staying about two and a half days in each sign. The Moon influences the sign it inhabits, creating different energies that affect our day-to-day lives. Give yourself a cosmic edge, and make your days --- and your magick --- more successful by working in harmony with the Moon's Zodiac energies.

Moon in ARIES: Good for starting things. Things occur rapidly, but quickly pass. People tend to be argumentative and assertive. Aries energy is good for launching things that are important to you personally, where your initiative and direction are essential to your eventual success.
Moon in TAURUS: Things begun now last longest, tend to increase in value, and become hard to change. Brings out an appreciation for beauty and sensory experience. Taurus energy is good for dealing with financial matters, nourishment, and activities that calm and soothe... an excellent time to nurture yourself!
Moon in GEMINI: Things begun now are easily changed by outside influence. Time for shortcuts, communication, games, and fun. Gemini energy is good for tasks that require mobility, cleverness, communication and resourcefulness -- like running errands, data-gathering, letter-writing and list-making.
Moon in CANCER: Stimulates emotional rapport between people. Supports growth and nurturing. Tend to domestic concerns. Cancer energy is good for dealing with family matters and doing things around your home, such as cleaning, decorating, making repairs or doing maintenance chores.
Moon in LEO: Draws emphasis to the self, to central ideas or institutions, away from connections with others and emotional needs. Leo energy is good for self-promotion ... and having fun. It supports hobbies, leisure activities, creativity, romance ... and time spent with your children and brain-children.
Moon in VIRGO: Favors accomplishment of details and commands from higher up. Focus on health, hygiene, and daily schedules. Virgo energy is good for projects that require careful attention to details, that help you live more efficiently, that deal with health care ... and "tying up loose ends."
Moon in LIBRA: Favors cooperation, compromise, social activities, balance, friendship, and partnership. Libra energy is good for dealing with relationship issues, teamwork efforts, matters that require negotiation and diplomacy and activities where you have to take other people into account.
Moon in SCORPIO: Increases awareness of psychic power. Precipitates psychic crises and ends connections thoroughly. People have a tendency to brood and become secretive. Scorpio energy is good for clearing out life's clutter and "deadwood," making refinements and improvements, dealing with jointly held property and assets, and making passionate love!!
Moon in SAGITTARIUS: Encourages confidence and flights of imagination. This is an adventurous, philosophical, and athletic Moon sign. Favors expansion and growth. Sagittarius energy is good for activities that involve teaching, learning, travel and education -- experiences that ask you to stretch your mind and widen your intellectual horizons.
Moon in CAPRICORN: Develops strong structure. Focus on traditions, responsibilities, and obligations. A good time to set boundaries and rules. Capricorn energy is good for starting professional ventures, dealing with "authority figures" and generally "taking care of business."
Moon in AQUARIUS: Rebellious energy. Time to break habits and make abrupt change. Personal freedom and individuality is the focus. Aquarius energy is good for taking risks, doing something unusual, pursuing ventures that require ingenuity or a novel approach, showing your independence and breaking out of your rut.
Moon in PISCES: The focus is on dreaming, nostalgia, intuition, and psychic impressions. A good time for spiritual or philanthropic activities. Pisces energy supports projects that involve creative inspiration, artistic expression, charitable impulses, spiritual information, therapy, physical or psychological healing ... and serious "rest and recuperation."


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