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New Moon – (when the moon seems to be invisible in the sky) - also referred to as the Dark Moon. The New Moon occurs between the waning and waxing phases and is representative of the Crone Goddess. There is much debate among magickal practitioners about the New Moon phase. Some use this phase to rest and relax, regroup and regenerate. Others find this energy extremely useful for delving into past lives, divinatory efforts, magickal studies, and meditation, and truth discovery. Nothing surpasses the New Moon's energy for getting to the heart of things and seeing them for exactly what they are.

Waxing moon – (the appearance of moon is increasing in size) The phase between the New Moon and the Full Moon (1st and 2nd quarters). The Waxing Moon belongs to the Maiden Goddess and is a good time for efforts involving increase, new beginnings, the addition of something into your life. If you need more of something, Waxing Moon energy can provide it. An excellent phase for manifesting Love, Money, Healing, etc.

Full moon (ESBAT) - THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL MOON PHASE FOR MAGICK! Ruled by the Mother Goddess and considered by many to be most powerful for 3 days (1 day before, the day of, and 1 day after the full moon.) Full Moon energy can be used for any effort, any purpose, any goal, and any intention. The moon's energy peaks during the Full Moon and it is an excellent time for magick involving difficult situations or complicated matters. Magick worked during a Full Moon packs a 'cosmic wallop' when released into the Universe.

Waning moon – (the appearance of the moon is decreasing in size) The phase between the Full Moon and the New Moon (3rd and 4th quarters). This phase belongs to the Dark Maiden, or Crone Goddess. It is the perfect time for efforts that involve endings, banishings, separation, elimination, etc. Intentions such as weight loss, debt relief, ending bad habits, separation from unhealthy relationships, etc. The Waning Moon is especially powerful during its first 3 - 7 days (the period just after the Full Moon.)

Blue Moon (believed by many to be THE most powerful of all Full Moon phases) occurs only once every couple of years, the Blue Moon is the third Full Moon to rise when four Full Moon’s appear in one season. Magick – regardless of its magnitude (i.e., miracles) or its triviality (i.e., simple tasks) meets with rapid success during the Blue Moon.

Black Moon – The second New/Dark Moon phase occurring in the same month. The Black Moon is very potent. It is said to unearth mysteries with ease, pare matters down to the bare bones, and sehd light on even the most deeply hidden truths. The Black Moon provides an excellent time for sould searching and inner journey work, divination, and the eradication of any self-deception. This phase also provides a good time for drawing up plans for the future. Should you decide to work toward a new beginning at this time, though, know that all plans made will reflect the absolute truth, so it’s not a good idea to brush aside your inner voice. Listen when it speaks, for while under the power of the Black Moon, it cannot lie.

Void-of-Course Moon – occurs approximately 12 times per month, as the moon moves from one zodiac sign to the next. Can range from several minutes to 48 hours. Consult an ephemeris, almanac, or magickal calendar for exact dates and times. Magick worked during Void-of-Course moons usually seem to run amuck. It’s not that magick doesn’t work during this phase, rather that it works very well – just not usually as the magickian had INTENDED it to work! Magickal efforts aren’t the only things that go awry during this period. Computers and peripherals act up, communications get tangled, and plans don’t work out. A sense of stalemate is in the air, and because of it, nothing runs true-to-form, no even the thinking process. This communication breakdown often results in a temporary but unrealistic view of present circumstances. Acting on much of anything at this time could bring very unexpected consequences, indeed.

Lunar Eclipse – occurs at least once annually and often two or three times within the same year
A Lunar Eclipse is a magickal event more special than any other, since it is a time when the energies of the Moon and the Sun connect, bringing a balance and equalization of male/female energies that puts everything back in perspective. It brings an indescribable sort of energy to everything in its path, something so strong that it goes beyond all human feeling or description; an energy that not only embraces us, but fills us our very cores to overflowing. Because of its all-encompassing powers, the Lunar Eclipse energy can be a bit overwhelming to some.


January – The Wolf Moon; The Storm Moon

February – The Chaste Moon

March – The Seed Moon

April – The Hare Moon

May – The Dyad Moon

June – The Mead or Honey Moon

July - The Wort or Blessing Moon

August – The Barley Moon

September – The Wine or Harvest Moon

October – The Blood Moon

November – The Snow Moon

December - The Oak Moon


Full Moon Incense:
1/8 part anise
1 part lavender
1 part– rosemary

mix the herbs during the Full Moon, then charge the incense by saying something like:

I charge these herbs by Full Moon light
Freeing magickal energy to take flight
Bring the things I ask of thee
An it harms none, so mote it be
Burn the incense on a charcoal block

Waxing Moon Incense:
1/8 part camphor
2 parts dried wormwood or patchouli

mix the herbs during the Waxing Moon, then charge the incense by saying something like:

I charge these herbs by Waxing Moon light
Freeing magickal energy to take flight
Bring the things I ask of thee
An it harms none, so mote it be
Burn the incense on a charcoal block

Waning Moon / New Moon / Dark Moon Incense:
1/8 part anise
1 part lavender
1 part wormwood or patchouli
pinch of camphor

mix the herbs well during the Waning Moon, New Moon, or Dark Moon, then charge the incense by saying something like:

I charge these herbs by Waning/New/Dark Moon light
Freeing magickal energy to take flight
Bring the things I ask of thee
An it harm none, so mote it be
Burn the incense on a charcoal block


For new beginnings, increase, invitations - Waxing Moon

For endings, removal, banishing – Waning Moon

For Rituals, Blessings, Psychic, Spiritual, Astral work, and all,Magickal Intentions - Full Moon

Moon phase for specific intentions:
Abundance (To Gain): waxing to full moon.
Addictions (To End): waning moon.
Artistic Creations (To Bring Forth): waxing to full moon.
Bad Habits (to break): waning moon.
Bad Luck (to reverse): waning moon.
Beauty and Health: full moon.
Bindings: waning moon.
Blessings: full moon.
Career Advancement: waxing moon.
Communication: full moon.
Curses, Hexes (to break): waning moon.
Divinations: waxing and full moons.
Energy Raising: waxing moon.
Exorcisms: waning moon.
Fear (overcoming): waning moon.
Fertility Rituals: waxing and full moons.
Forgiveness: new moon.
Friendship: waxing moon.
Garden Planting Spells: waxing moon.
Goals (attainment of): waxing to full moon.
Good Luck: waxing moon.
Growth (of an kind): waxing moon.
Harmony: waxing moon.
Happiness: waxing and full moons.
Healings (to increase health): waxing moon.
Healings (to end sickness): waning moon.
House Blessings: full moon.
Inspiration: waxing and full moons.
Intuition: full moon.
Jinx-Breaking: waning moon.
Judgment: waxing and full moons.
Liberation (to free oneself from something): waning moon.
Love Magick: waxing and full moons.
Love Spells (to reverse): waning moon.
Lunar Goddess Invocations: full moon.
Money Matters (to increase wealth): waxing moon.
Negativity (to banish): waning moon.
Nightmares (to banish): waning moon.
Obtaining (things and goals): waxing and full moons.
Omens: full moon.
Overcoming: waning moon.
Peace (to end hostility, war): waning moon.
Power: waxing and full moons.
Prophetic Dreams: full moon.
Protection: waxing moon.
Psychic Powers (developing, strengthening): full moon.
Quests: new moon.
Real Estate (to buy): waxing moon
Real Estate (to sell): waning moon.
Sexual Desires (to stimulate, increase): waxing moon.
Shapeshifting: full moon.
Spirit Conjurations: full moon.
Strength: waxing moon.
Teaching: waxing and full moons.
Transformations: full moon.
Travel: waxing moon.
Unions (marriages, business partnerships): waxing and full moons.
Weatherworkings (to bring forth): waxing moon.
Weatherworkings (to quell): waning moon.
Weight Gain: waxing moon.
Weight Loss: waning moon.
Wisdom (to increase): waxing and full moons.
Wish-magick: waxing and full moons.

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