Quartz Crystal energies

Balance between masculine and feminine energy is very important. An overabundance of either can do harm to ourselves and/or others. Working with different crystals for different purposes is the best way to maintain balance. If you can only have one crystal in your collection, look for either a crystal that has BOTH masculine and feminine energies or one that allies with the side of yourself that you are having trouble coming to terms with. Since size doesn’t really matter when it comes to crystals, today we can usually afford to have several crystals in our personal collections.

No matter what we believe or want to believe, we cannot deny the inherent beauty of natural quartz crystal. Even more amazing is that, like crystal, every human being has the same natural beauty if they will let it shine or if we take the time to look for it. Just as our beliefs about crystal create what we experience with them, our judgment of other human beings has the power to either create separation or integration. Since we each have a free will and a choice in what we believe, we should focus our attention on what we want rather than on the things we don't want. If a crystal will help us do this, then it becomes a valuable tool in life. If you're attracted to crystals and appreciate the beauty, then know that what you see in a crystal is merely a reflection of who you really are. By daring to let the real you shine for others to enjoy and appreciate, you will add to the natural beauty of our planet.

The more ‘water clear’ the crystal the more masculine the energy. “Masculine crystals” (Yang energy) emit intense, powerful energy and are excellent healing tools. This Masculine energy relates to our PHYSICAL and MENTAL side. Masculine crystals bestow strength and are of particular benefit where positive physical or mental actions or decisions are required.. They can be especially helpful for those who tend to be indecisive, passive, shy, confused, unmotivated, unable to concentrate, overly emotional, or physically exhausted. People that tend to be ‘victims’, ‘people-pleasers’ or ‘doormats’ will benefit tremendously from working with Masculine Crystals on a regular basis.

Work with MASCULINE CRYSTALS when you want to achieve or enhance qualities such as:

Focus and Concentration
Goal orientation
Business/Career success

"Feminine Crystals" (Yin energy) are more cloudy (contain more "fairy frost") and are sometimes opaque or milky in appearance. Feminine Crystals bestow the qualities of the moon: tranquility, peace, balance, emotional stability, etc. This Feminine energy relates to our EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL side. When a person is suffering from an over-abundance of energetic forces (evidenced by behaviors such as manic tendencies, hyperactivity, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, inability to sit still, racing thoughts, etc.) using a Feminine Crystal can help. When held or worn, these ‘milky’ crystals can reduce stress, tension, mental/emotional exhaustion, feelings of being overwhelmed, and the like. Feminine Crystals should be a staple in any crystal collection, and are especially crucial for those who suffer from ulcers, migraines, chronic back/neck problems, and insomnia. Those who have difficulty relating to their feminine nature (our emotional and spiritual side) should also use a Feminine Crystal in their daily routine.

Work with FEMININE CRYSTALS when you want to achieve or enhance qualities such as:
Emotional Stability
Love (including Universal-Love, Self-Love, Friendship, etc.)
Forgiveness (of both self and others)
Compassion, Sensitivity, Empathy, Understanding


There are many unique geometric configurations and metaphysical characteristics of quartz crystals that have each been labeled with special names. Quartz crystals exist in a number of varieties. In particular, some forms of quartz have different numbers of edges surrounding the largest of the faces that slope toward the point. In addition to the general characteristics of masculine and feminine crystals mentioned above, quartz crystals sometimes have other special attributes that enhance their power. To identify these special types of crystals, pay particular attention to the largest of the faces that slope toward the point. Does it have pyramids (triangles) on it? Count the number of edges surrounding the face. This number can be anywhere from 3 to 8, and is one of the things that determines the special characteristics of the crystal. In addition to strengthening the Inner Being as all crystals do, the crystals listed below are true teachers and provide additional special help. Most of them are relatively rare, and they should be highly treasured when one of them finds you.

Countless books have been written by practitioners that detail the use and expected results of these special crystals. Since the information is not always in agreement, we encourage you to work with your own crystals and find out what works best for you. Most importantly -- TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Most all the beliefs about quartz crystal involve crystal energy properties. If you watch TV or use a computer you have concrete proof of the powerful energy of crystals.

A quartz crystal with six edges on the largest face is the most usual type. It acts as a comprehensive amplifier of energy in that it strengthens all of a person's energies or human qualities. Its attributes are the most general because it does not have the more specific characteristics of the Isis, Channeling, or Grounding crystals that are described below, which have 5, 7 or 8 edges.

Following are some of the most common and agreed upon beliefs about the metaphysical properties of natural quartz crystals…

Double Terminated Crystal

Double-terminated crystals are crystals that have points on both ends, allowing energy to flow readily in both directions. Double terminated crystals strengthen energy flow, and are especially useful when you need to share or exchange energy between you and another person. They are useful when you are working to help other people, for example in massage or counseling, where energy needs to flow in both directions. In these situations, energy flows toward you when you tune in to a person to find out what that person needs, and energy flows from you when you give the person the needed healing energy. Double terminated crystals are very important to people doing healing work for themselves or others. They also help teach sharing through energy exchange. Exercise: If you are feeling out of balance with the world, sit quietly and hold the double terminated crystal in your right hand. Visualize white light flowing into the first point, through the crystal and out the other point directly into your body. If working with someone else, visualize energy flowing into you through the top of your head, down your arm, through the crystal, and into the other person. This can be done while you are with the person or it can work from a distance. If you have children, try using this crystal to send positive energy to the child when the child is upset or angry. It can have a very calming effect on both of you.

Generator Crystal (also know as a Merlin Crystal) - A crysttal with six evenly spaced sides and six approximately equal faces that center at the tip is called a generator point. It is believed that they have the ability to store, amplify and transmit or generate energy. They are used to facilitate a connection or create unity between the members of a group and transmit thoughts in a manner similar to a high power radio transmitter and antenna.

Tabby Crystal (aka: Tabular Crystal) - A crystal with a flattened tabular shape and two of its opposite sides are twice as wide, or more, than its other sides, giving the appearance of a tablet is called a Tabby crystal. It is believed they can help us access information and are considered the ultimate communications crystal. They are a bridge between our adult self and our child like spirit. They can help us lighten up and laugh a lot.

Faden-Lined Crystal - Faden-lined crystals are crystals that have clearly visible within their interior structure a milky feather line, that usually runs through the crystal. Faden lines manifest primarily in tabby shaped crystals, but have on extremely rare occasions, have been found in a normal single point crystal. It is believed that the line represents the seed point of growth and they have the ability to activate or start new growth within one's self or within someone you are working with, utilizing healing energy.

Rainbow Crystal - A crystal with a rainbow(s) inside that is caused by light being refracted by the prismatic effect of a crack or inclusion is called a Rainbow. The refraction is often temperature sensitive causing the rainbow to appear and disappear. It is believed that these crystals exhibit the closest manifestation of pure white light that can be witnessed on the physical plane. Rainbow crystals are used during meditation to escort us into the realm of the pure white light and can bring depth and clarity to dreams, help manifest wishes, and overcome negativity to be able to love life in the present moment.

Window Crystal - A crystal with a diamond or rectangular face between the body and tip of a point is called window. It is believed this crystal will open a ‘window to your soul.’ and help you get intuitive answers to questions and bypass the ego or intellect. They are used for clarity and direction. If you are having problems and aren't sure why, a window crystal can be a good help. Window crystals are introspection crystals in that they help you see what is inside yourself. They help bring things to the surface so you can see them and effectively deal with them. Window crystals are used for working within yourself to deal with problems and changes that must be made in your life. They are used in meditation to help you solve problems that are troubling your Inner Being. For example, if you find you are very jealous of a friend, you can use a window crystal to work within yourself to find the reason and deal with it. Think of a window crystal as a window into your soul. These are very personal crystals, and when one comes into your hands, it is intended to help you specifically.

Time Line Past Crystal - A crystal with a rectangular face leaning to the left. It is believed they can be used to access information from the past.

Time Line Future Crystal - A crystal with a rectangular face leaning to the right. It is believed the can be used to access information from the future.

Record Keeper Crystal - A crystal that has pyramidal or triangular shaped symbols that are either engraved into or are raised on one or more of a crystal faces is called a Record Keeper or Recorder. These symbols are not easily seen and usually need to be searched out by looking at the crystal in a bright light while closely examining the faces. It is believed that the Record Keeper is one of the most sacred crystals because it holds the wisdom and knowledge of the universe. When a person is properly attuned to a Record Keeper, this knowledge is readily made available. This knowledge is ancient knowledge and contains profound secrets and esoteric knowledge of the whole of the Higher consciousness. It takes an open mind and a pure heart to access this knowledge. Record keepers are fairly rare, and often the pyramid will not be noticed until the crystal comes into the hands of the person it was meant to work with. Sometimes the pyramid can disappear and sometimes more pyramids show up. Each of these crystals has its own special lesson to teach, usually the lesson the person most needs to learn. Record keepers differ from window crystals in that window crystals help you look inside yourself to let you see the various things you need to learn, while record keepers deal with a specific lesson that you need to learn. A record keeper will often pass from your hands very quickly once the lesson is learned. Carry your record keeper or put it close to your bed so that it can work with you. It can also be used for meditation.

Self-Healed Crystal (or Shard Crystal) - A Self-healed crystal is one that has been broken off and damaged quite badly, but then begins to grow again, in effect healing its own wounds. It is believed that this crystal will aid in any type of self-healing—physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Self-Healed crystals are exceptionally supportive for those with strong emotional issues or traumas, or are struggling with some type of addiction that includes the inability to let go of certain kinds of behavior, a person, or belief, as well as tobacco, food, alcohol and drugs. These are important crystals that will usually come into your life at a time when you are carrying a lot of pain. Just sitting with this crystal will help you deal with the pain effectively.

Channeling Crystal - A crystal with a large 7-sided face with a triangular face on the back side is called a channeling crystal. These crystals are especially useful for obtaining information from deep within yourself or from sources that are outside of your normal realm. They can help you draw on the knowledge and information that is provided by the universe, and can aid you in getting help from a higher source. The number 7 is a metaphysical number symbolic of the student, the mystic, and the seeker of deeper truths and spiritual wisdom. Each side of the seven sides of the main face represents the seven qualities that the human consciousness must attain in order to access and channel the wisdom of the inner soul. A channeling crystal can be used anytime you are seeking answers or help from outside of yourself. You must `listen' very carefully when using this crystal and realize that answers can come from many sources. Communication with Guides: A channeling crystal is a line of communication with your guide. A channeling crystal can only be used by the person holding it. In other words, you can't send the energy to someone else in order to let him receive the information directly. However, since guides communicate readily with each other, you can become good at getting information to people by asking your guide to give you the needed information for someone else, and then relaying it to the person. This is how you channel information for others. Channeling crystals amplify the quiet inner voice of your guide, and can be a big help in learning how to channel information, both for yourself and for others.

Isis Crystal - A crystal with a 5-sided face is called an Isis crystal. It is believed the Isis crystal will put you in touch with the power of the Goddess, and strongly amplify your feminine energy. Isis Crystals can help you get in touch with the unselfish side of yourself whether you are a man or a woman. Isis crystals are useful in balancing your male-female energy if the female energy has been suppressed, or if you need a greater balance of female energy for any reason. For men, the Isis crystal will help you become more in tune with your feminine side and to become more aware of the aspects of women that you may find troubling. For women, the Isis crystal will help you regain some of the power and energy that society has taken from you. It teaches that feminine is not weak. Anyone doing healing work with another person needs the Isis energy to be effective. The Isis crystal should be carried or held when dealing with issues that are emotional or difficult.

Grounding Crystal - Grounding crystals have 8-sides surrounding the largest sloping face. They are quite rare and not always easily available. Grounding is the ability to deal with practical matters in a realistic way. For example, in dealing with the question `How am I going to make a living', a grounded person will consider his skills and decide how best to use those skills to make a living. An ungrounded or `spacey' person does not like to deal with the practical or realistic aspects of life. Grounding crystals help you deal with practical matters in a realistic way. They connect you with the earth and keep your energies from being scattered. They help you think clearly and express yourself clearly. When used in meditation they help you form a strong connection with higher knowledge, but keep you grounded so that you can apply that information in practical terms. When using a grounding crystal to work through a personal problem, remember that it will require you to look at the truth of the situation and compel you to deal with that truth. It is sometimes difficult to recognize times when you need this crystal because not being grounded can be a way of life for some people. These days, it is common to be a little spacey because of things going on in our world. When you are having trouble concentrating, feeling a reluctance to tackle a task that needs doing, or find yourself running in circles but accomplishing nothing, you need a grounding crystal.

Key Crystal – The key crystal is recognized by a three or six-sided indentation somewhere on the crystal. It is believed the Key crystal can be used to unlock the doors to healing, help answer difficult questions, solve problems, and access information to that which is hidden.

Growth Interference Crystal - A crystal that has various cuts on the body that appears to have been done with a trim saw. Thin, flat calcite crystals have interfered with the growth pattern of the quartz crystal. It is believed this crystal will help remove self-limitations and energy blockages so that you can be completely in command of your life.

Barnacle Crystal - A crystal covered or partially covered with smaller crystals. It is believed the Barnacle crystal will help stimulate family or group cooperation. Also a companion when having lost a loved one.

Twin Crystal (or Tantric Twin) - A crystal with two points on a common base is called a twin crystal. You can tell a twin crystal from two crystals that are simply attached to each other, by the fact that both parts of a twin crystal are exactly parallel to each other, and have no boundary between them. It is believed the Twin crystal can generate positive energy toward improving relationships and are wonderful crystals to use when dealing with `relationship' issues. They can help you gain insight into the underlying problems in a relationship, and help work through them. This works for any kind of relationship, not only a man-woman relationship. When you are having a problem with a relationship sit quietly with the twin and ask for help. Remember, that answers come from many directions. Twins are personal crystals as one of the twins is very closely tuned to your energy, so it is not possible to use this crystal to work for others in relationship matters. A twin with a rainbow can be very effectively used to project healing energy into a relationship or to keep a good relationship strong.

Extra-Terrestrial Crystal (ET) - A crystal with a single termination at one end and multiple terminations at the other end. It is believed this crystal will help channel space beings, celestial beings, and guardian angels.

Japanese Law Twin - These crystals have a twin points at a 90 degree angle. Very rare! This one is in a cluster with the tip or the horizontal point hidden behind the vertical point on the right.

Laser Wand Crystal – A long slender crystal that tapers inversely from base to termination is called a laser wand. It is believed the laser wand can be used to clear negativity, create protective barriers, focus healing energy to self or others, and assist in performing psychic surgery to remove attitudes that may be causing disease.

Natural Smoky Crystal - A crystal with a golden brown to black translucent color caused by natural earth radiation is called a smoky crystal. This is a small golden smoky cluster with two points. Each point has a time line to the future.

Phantom Crystal & Included Crystal - A crystal with another mineral or substance included within. Some have layered points resembling pyramids of crystals (phantoms) and some may just have specks or globs of included material. The more common inclusions are black, green, brown and white. These crystals have had some impurity drop on it during growth, but then continued to grow right around the impurity. Like Self-Healed crystals, Phantom crystals can help you heal from being hurt, and heal from emotional injuries. These are important crystals that will usually come into your life at a time when you are carrying a lot of pain. Just sitting with this crystal will help you deal with the pain effectively.

Bridge Crystal (also called Inner Child Crystal or Penetrator) - A crystal that has a smaller crystal(s) that either penetrates and/or is lodged partially into the crystal with the other part protruding from the crystal is called a Bridge crystal. It is believed this crystal is quite beneficial when a person is striving to work with various aspects of spirituality or to heal childhood issues blocking growth. Additionally, these crystals are their best when the person is working on advanced metaphysical areas, and are attempting to share this knowledge with others seeking a spiritual path. This is the ultimate spiritual teacher's crystal. This unique example has a double terminated point running clear through the larger point.

Elestial Crystal - A crystal with natural terminations over the body and faces, resembling the human brain, is called and Elestial Crystal. Most bear a smoky color. It is believed this crystal can repair damaged cells in the brain and rewire the damaged areas to bring back new life. They are powerful, powerful crystals that have been brought into this reality, at this time, to assist in the mass cleansing, healing, and reawakening that is currently occurring on this reality plane. Elestials are the great comforters to those who are in the dying process and they assist to release the fear of leaving the physical body in order to identify with the immortality of the soul.

Dow Crystal (or Trans-Channeling Crystal) - A crystal with three, primary, seven-sided faces and three secondary triangular faces between them. It is believed this crystal is a combination crystal that incorporates the properties of both a Channneler and a Transmitter crystal in one crystal. It helps facilitate intuitive awareness and connection with “All That Is”. It is considered one of the "Twelve Master Crystals" and is a powerful teaching and healing crystal.

Manifestation Crystal - A crystal with a small crystal totally enclosed within is called a Manifestation crystal. It is believed to help people who have had a traumatic, physically or emotionally childhood. They are helpful for people who are blocking painful memories. They help bring the cause of the pain to the surface and allow the person to successfully deal with it, while shielding that person from the pain those memories can cause. These crystals work well for people who are working through current family problems.

(we hope to have pictures posted soon!)

CRYSTALS WITH BABIES - Crystals with Babies are crystals that have tiny crystals growing inside a larger crystal. These are very good for people who have had traumatic childhoods, physically or emotionally. They are helpful for people who are blocking painful memories. They help bring the cause of the pain to the surface and allow the person to successfully deal with it, while shielding that person from the pain those memories can cause. These crystals work well for people who are working through current family problems. Work slowly with this type of crystal, so that things can be cleared at your own pace. You may not feel inclined to work with it at all in the beginning. Don't force yourself. When you are ready, you will find yourself drawn to that particular crystal. You may have this crystal for years before you use it. Also, sometimes crystals come to you so that they can go to someone else. For example, someone might receive a crystal with babies, have it for some time and not be drawn to it at all. Suddenly they will have an urge to pass it on to someone else. You can use this crystal in meditation or just keep it close to you. Just be prepared to deal with whatever comes up. Try to have some sort of support around you if you are going to work with this crystal.

TRIGGER CRYSTALS - Trigger crystals have a smaller crystal growing out from them. This `trigger' can be gently squeezed to activate the power of the crystal and strengthen its attributes. These are just used for a surge of a particular kind of energy.

CLUSTERS - Crystal Clusters represent community and are very powerful at clearing any negative energy from a room. Just set one out somewhere and allow it to work to clear the environment. They are also beautiful to look at and excellent as an object for meditation.

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