Reiki energy and receiving a distance Reiki healing session

Reiki (pronounced RAY – KEY) is Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy or Spiritually-Guided Energy.

Reiki is powerful, healing, loving energy in its purest and simplest form. It bears no judgment and requires neither effort or sacrifice on the part of either the recipient or practitioner.

There are two parts to the word…

Rei means Universal, all encompassing and all knowing Universal Mind. Rei is what you might think of as your Inner Self, Higher Power, God, Goddess, Highest Consciousness, Supreme Being, etc.

Ki means Life Force Energy. It is the energy that runs through all things at all times. It is the energy that binds all living things together. Ki is known as Chi in Chinese, Ti in Hawaiin, and perhaps Super Stirings in the new physics. There is an unlimited amount of Ki flowing into and around the Earth that anyone can harness for healing and/or strength.

Put the wisdom of the ‘Universal Mind’ (Rei) together with 'Life Force Energy' (Ki) and you have the most powerful source of healing energy available… Reiki.

A free-flowing, Universal Life Force energy, Reiki is available to everyone that wants it.

“While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. It has no dogma, and there is nothing you must believe in order to learn and use Reiki. In fact, Reiki is not dependent on belief at all and will work whether you believe in it or not. Because Reiki comes from within, many people find that using Reiki puts them more in touch within themselves.”
Dorothy Morrison(1989)



Reiki Healing Sessions are a simple and powerful process. They can be done in-person or remotely (distance healing) and are useful for both specific healing and general relaxation. Distance healings are just as powerful as in-person healings and both are done with the recipient fully clothed.

Reiki is perfect energy in the sense that Reiki only goes where Reiki is truly needed. A person can never receive 'too much' Reiki. During the treatment the body will only take the amount of energy that it requires; no more and no less.

The treatments and their frequency are individually tailored to the recipient's needs and condition. Session lengths vary based on individual circumstances and can range from 20 - 90 minutes long.

A Reiki treatment is a relaxing gift of love and healing for yourself and other loved ones....




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