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A few tips for spell work

What is the 'correct' way to do a particular spell?

We receive numerous inquiries every day asking about the 'right' or 'wrong' way to do a spell. What are the 'essential' ingredients or magickal tools to use? When is the best time to do a ritual? What if I don't have (or cannot find or afford) all of the required ingredients? Put your mind at ease... Each and every spell is as individual and unique as the magickian (you) practicing them... hence the term 'magickal practitioner'.

Magickal Tools and Ingredients are the suggested vehicles to propel the energy of the magickian (YOU) in the right direction as quickly and efficiently as possible. Nothing is set in stone, which is one of the many beautiful qualities of magick. The real magick is in the magickian. Tools and specific ingredients simply help raise and direct our energy. Newcomers to the Craft, as well as experienced practitioners, often need assistance in raising, focusing, or directing particular energies towards specific magickal goals. Pre-written spells and rituals, which include specific tools or ingredients, are an excellent starting point. But these spells are not the be-all and end-all of attaining your vision, nor are they the only way to realize your desires. They are simply guides or sign posts to help point us in the right direction.

Look at the specific tools and/or ingredients listed in pre-written spells. What are the elemental or planetary energies of a specific herb or oil? What are the Color Associations related to the particular colored candle, crystal or altar cloth? What does a particular tool represent on your altar? For example, a cauldron may be used to represent the Triple Goddess, the Crone, the Moon, the Element of Water, the Womb, the Chalice, the Divine Feminine, Beginnings, Endings, Mysteries, or Wisdom. There are many other substitutions that can be used for any of the above representations. A little research reveals appropriate substitutions, many of which can be found (or prepared) from simple household items.

Perhaps your spell calls for Dove's Blood ink and parchment paper and all you have is a regular ballpoint pen and notebook paper? Can you still do your spell? Of course. Does your ritual require a rare herb that you cannot seem to find (or afford!)? There are many magickal substitutions for Herb Magick available depending on your magickal goals or intentions, or the planetary or elemental energy you need. See our Herb Correspondences section for herbs listed by planet, intention, element, chakra association, and more. Perhaps you need a pink candle and you don't have one. You can anoint and charge a white candle for your specific intention and it can substitute for any color during candle magick. Need an Ametrine crystal but don't have the time to wait for one to arrrive... you can substitute a programmed and charged Quartz Crystal and use it for your specific intentions.

Magickal success is not a result of the tools, the ritual process, or the ingredients used... magick succeeds or doesn't based on the energy of the magickian. Period. If you need help learning to raise, focus or direct energy, pre-written spells and rituals can help offer the opportunity to gain the experience you need. As with anything, practice makes perfect... the more you practice magick, the more adept you become. In the meantime, substitute tools and ingredients as necessary and record your work. See 'keep a record' below for information about troubleshooting and revising magickal workings as needed. Remember that everything is energy and it is simply a matter of properly directing that energy to attain your ulitmate goals.

Use a journal or Book of Shadows and write down the day/time, planets and moon phases, tools and ingredients, spoken words, ritual procedures, and any other notes about your spells or rituals. If it is a success, you can easily duplicate your results the next time; and if not, you will have a written guide to help research what may have attributed to the lack of success. Was Mercury in Retrograde? Did you forget to invoke or release the Elements? Was your Deity of choice the best one for the task at hand? If you spell or magick did not come to fruition as you intended, look at what you did, when and how you did it, and decide what to do differently next time. Check the Moon Magick section for proper moon phases and timing of specific magickal intentions.


Using pre-written spells:
It is always best to write your own spells whenever possible. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, this is neither feasible nor possible. When using a pre-written spell, remember that you can always adapt it to your individual needs and/or belief system. We encourage you to incorporate your personal deities, magickal tools, invocation styles, etc. into your spell and magick work. Change the wording to make it more personal; add a favorite talisman or crystal; play some inspirational music in the background. (for example: when doing a love spell you may want to play your all-time favorite love song during your ritual to raise your energy! For a healing spell – burn your favorite uplifting incense!) Incorporate any of your personal spiritual/magickal rituals into your work, as well. Spells are tools, and like any magickal tool, it is important to make it yours! Magickal tools are the vehicle, but YOU are the fuel that propels them.

Remember, the magick is in YOU!

Allotted time:
The allotted time for your spell is based upon personal preference and ability. A single, working mother with small children usually does not have 2 hours of private time for uninterrupted spell work. An ill person may not be able to muster the energy to sit up attentively for 45 minutes.

Let your schedule and your intuition be your guide. The ENERGY and INTENTION in spell work is much more important than the length of time spent doing the spell.

We recommend a MINIMUM of 5 minutes of candle burn time per session. Ideally, 20-60 minutes is best. The number of sessions you have, or the length of each session, is completely subjective. You may choose to have twenty-one  5-minute sessions or one 2-hour session. There is no right or wrong number (or length) of sessions. It is just important to remember that your ENERGY and INTENTION must be positively aligned during every session. If you are too exhausted to perform your spell work, don’t do it.

Many people find that several 5 minute spell sessions over consecutive nights work much better for them than one 2-hour session. You may repeat the spell each night until the Full Moon (or New Moon – depending on which spell you are working) if you are able. The 4” candles have approx. a 2-hour burn time, so you may want to determine the number of days until the Full/New Moon and divide that number by 120 minutes to determine the length of your nightly sessions.

However you choose to work your spell, just remember that the magick is in the magickian, not the spell. A well-constructed spell is a tool, period. THE MAGICK IS IN YOU!

Spell preparation steps:
2. Prepare your tools
3. Prepare your altar or sacred space
4. Check timings and correspondences (when possible)
5. Cleanse your space (based on personal ritual/belief/intuition)
6. Cleanse your Self (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually)
7. Perform your spell
8. Thank the Goddess (or your deities) and Release the Elements
9. Ground your energy (Smoky Quartz is an excellent grounding stone)
10. Have a light snack with some juice; or tea and cookies
11. Put the spell and the magick out of your mind. You have sent your magick into the Universe, now relax and have faith that the Universe will handle it. Do not worry about the results or discuss your spell work with others. This will negate your magickal energy and your magick will not come to fruition if you begin to doubt yourself or your work.

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