What is White Magick?

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The top two questions from newcomers to the Craft
and those curious about Wicca, Witchcraft and Magick are:

"What is white magick?"


"Is there a difference between black magick and white magick?"

Magick in itself is neither black or white, however magickal practitioners often fall into one category or the other. Popular opinion has black magick as being generally understood as more manipulative and dark, while white magick is generally understood as good.

White magick is generally used for non-harmful purposes and goals and often includes such things as healing and helping others. It is not performed without a request or permission of all those involved and always attempts to work toward the greatest possible good within the will of the all. Black magick, on the other hand, is magick used to bend events toward bettering self-interests - usually at the expense of others, and to influence others in manipulative, controlling or harmful ways, usually without their permission.

Better terms for white and black magick may be "constructive" as being beneficial and "adverse" as intended to work against the natural order. Any magick is likely to produce some sort of side effect, regardless of its nature. Adverse magick can produce very dangerous and destructive side effects.

Those new to wicca, magick, and witchcraft are encouraged to learn magick first-hand from an experienced magickian. Learning and developing a magickal practice first-hand from a qualified, reputable, teacher of magick is most beneficial for beginners. The plethora of global communication options in the 21st century can be quite the double-edged sword, though. The upside is that when the student is ready a Magickal Teacher can easily appear, but TAKE HEED... though there are many legitimate practitioners of the Craft, sadly there are almost as many 'frauds' and 'scam artists' just trying to turn a quick profit off of those seeking Higher Knowledge and Spiritual Enlightenment.

Remember that magick can be very healing, helpful and loving, in the right hands; and extremely dangerous in others. Just as an automobile parked in a garage is in and of itself neither good nor bad, so magickal power is neither black nor white. And just as that same automobile, out on the highway with an inexperienced, pre-adolescent driver behind the wheel, becomes a deadly weapon; so magickal energy, unleashed by an untrained novice, can have dire consequences.


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